Scavenger Hunt in Central Park

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Scavenger Hunt in Central Park

Join us as we explore the history and natural beauty of Central Park — the crown jewel of NYC.

This unique Scavenger Hunt takes you on a wild and wonderful course through Central Park where you’ll encounter pristine gardens, military monuments and deep forests—it’s one of the most beautiful and secluded sections of the Park. Relying on a map and clues, you and your team will navigate your way across the Park. You’ll be surprised by the hidden secrets and interesting landmarks as well as the rich variety of trees, plants and abundant wildlife.

Besides answering trivia questions and searching for landmarks, you and your team will write poetry, identify certain birds or trees, and perform songs. Just to make things a bit more lively, you’ll have the opportunity to dress up in colorful boas, crazy glasses and hats and “try on” your favorite poses for the photos and videos you will submit. A few musical instruments are provided.

No doubt, you will have fun and Central Park will come alive for you in a completely new and different way. Trivia and clue topics include art, literature, history, flora, fauna and popular culture.

This is not a race! Instead it is a points-based team contest where you get recognized for creativity, humor and teamwork with awards like “best naturalist”, “best dramatic performance” and “most unusual”. You and your team will make discoveries and work together solving riddles and responding to creative challenges.

Just to make things a little more collaborative, each team member gets a job! You could be the person who carries the map (the navigator), the person who keeps the time (you have 1.5 hours to complete the Hunt), the person who brings the JOY (carries the props and encourages play), the person who administers (submits the answers to Hunt HDQTs), or the photographer/videographer who takes photos/videos and provides creative direction to the team. You decide which role suits your skills and talents and how best you can help your team.

If you like to have fun and don’t mind getting a little silly, this Hunt is for you! It’s designed for people who are curious, love nature and want to get outside and meet new people. So, build a team or come on your own and we will add you to a team.